All Source Code found on this site is licensed under GPLv2. The hardware layout is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

Note that the Technical Report has been issued in 2010 and describes the OsciOne Software version. The more recent version called OsciPrime shares the same concept and aproaches, yet instead of libusb the newer Android USB Host API has been used and the layout of the application has been written for Android Honeycomb. The latest iteration of the source also runs on Android ICS on the Galaxy Nexus in landscape mode. The next version will support both large and small displays.

Additionally the latest version also includes a port of "ezusb" to upload the firmware image of the FX2 microcontroller on the go using also the latest Android USB Host API.

Important Note: we are currently cleaning up and refactoring the source code of the Android application - this is only a "work in progress" source code release.

Hardware Source


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